I have been working on a passion project for the last year, and I cannot wait to share it with you! I have been collecting data and videos for research in my niche passions within psychiatry—emotion and connection, with the goal to improve our relationships with those around us.

My desire is to teach people how to understand emotion so they can better understand their own and others’ experiences to develop more meaningful connections. I have created a training program that will help people learn and grow their ability to connect. This program will include more than 300 videos of emotional expressions, exclusive training videos on emotions with a corresponding workbook. I cannot wait to share EmotionConnection.com with you. Prior to launching this, I am launching my IOS app, which is a training program to identify emotions in others’ faces.

The Emotion Connection app will work across IOS platforms (iphones and ipads) and will help you test your ability to read microexpressions. When we watch someone else experience emotion, they demonstrate what are called “microexpressions,” but they are difficult to spot with the untrained eye. Microexpressions are so brief they often last 1/16th of a second. Knowing how to read microexpressions is helpful when we are trying to connect with someone, because we are more easily able to receive information about their emotion, empathize and respond accordingly.

In order to better teach people how to read microexpressions, I recorded people watching emotionally stimulating content so I could catch real time microexpressions. My study grew to include more than 300 videos of genuine emotional reactions, all exhibited through tiny facial movements. All of these videos will be on EmotionConnection.com, a hub for you to learn the art of connection.  About 57 of the videos are on my IOS app.  Please subscribe and journey with me on this!